Top Five Gift Ideas For Men

Many people declare that the men in their life are notoriously difficult to buy for, be it for Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries - so, here we will give you our top five gift ideas for men;

1 - A bottle of good malt whisky. For those who enjoy the odd drink, a bottle of nice malt is always a good choice. Malt Whisky can be bought in a range of price brackets, and the bottles usually come in a smart presentation box too.

2 - Cufflinks. For men who wear the type of shirts that require cufflinks, then they are an excellent gift idea. Cufflinks come in a wide range of styles, including quirky modern designs, traditional designs, and authentic retro vintage cufflinks can also be picked up in antique shops and even on Ebay.

3 - A wallet is a practical gift that is something most men carry with them. This can be leather and classic in it's style, or colourful, modern and sporty. A leather wallet can be made personal too by getting it personalised with the recipient's initials or a special message.

4 - Gentlemens socks are another practical item that you cannot go wrong with. This doesn't have to be as boring a gift as it sounds, you can get unusual sock designs, luxury yarns, and designer labels, all that are sure to make them a little bit more special.

5 - If the person you are buying for is close to you and you know their measurements then a bespoke shirt is an excellent choice for a gift. This is something that not all men indulge in, and to receive a handmade shirt, specific to their measurement will be something that feels extra luxurious and special.
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