5 Workwear Essentials For Men

Unless you are required to wear a uniform to work, or protective or practical clothing of some kind, then the chances are your attire will be the same as what most other people wear to work, also known as work wear, business attire, or office clothing. Here were are going to tell you about 5 workwear essentials for men;

1 - A sharp suit
A smart suit is pretty much the 'uniform' of anyone who works in an office or business environment. The suit should be modern in terms of cut and colour, and in an appropriate fabric for work. You will be undoubtedly be judged by others on your work attire, so getting the suit right is a must.

2 - A bespoke shirt
The next best thing to a well fitting suit, is a well fitting shirt. Whether you expect to remove your jacket at work or not, having a shirt that suits the occasion, and is in an appropriate style and fabric is vital. Order a bespoke shirt from WH Taylor Shirtmakers and we will ensure that your work shirt doesn't let you down.

3 - A neck tie
Depending on the nature of your work or business, you can get away with different
tiecolours and patterns of neck ties. If in doubt however, choose something plain in a classic colour.

4 - Smart shoes
Smart shoes complete the outfit, and should be clean and polished at all times. Many people will look at a person's shoes to get a measure of their character, so make sure that yours are presentable at all times.

5 - Cotton socks
Lastly, a word on socks. Despite what some may think, they do get noticed. Choose a black or navy sock to match your work attire, unless you can get away with a more quirky design. A no-no every time however, is white.
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Ha! Do people still need reminding that white socks with a suit are a no-no? Made me chuckle anyway.

John J

I’ve had some really great ties from you guys, you’re now my number one place for buying ties. Top quality.


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