Should I Tuck My Shirt In?

Should I tuck my shirt in? is a question that men often ask. As shirts have become more tailored and fashions more casual, it is often acceptable to wear an untucked shirt. Flat bottom shirts can be worn untucked in certain circumstance, however shirts with tails should always be tucked in. Quite often men choose to wear their shirts untucked in order to appear slimmer, but in fact this does the opposite and can make someone look even bigger than they really are.

An undershirt in usually best tucked in so that it does not show below the garment layered on top. However, it has been seen in fashion trends to have a shirt untucked and visible under the jumper worn on top - this is a look for younger on trend people, on more mature men it will simply look untidy. Shirts worn under suits, with or without ties, should always be tucked in.

The correct way to tucking a shirt in starts with getting one that is the right length, and the correct fit. Obviously a shirt that has far too much fabric will not neatly tuck in and will leave you with an undesirable look. A shirt that is too short will always threaten to become untucked throughout the day, and a well tucked in shirt should last the day without becoming untucked. The front row of buttons should go in a straight line from the collar, down to meet the belt buckle in the centre. Shirts should be tucked in above the underwear, because while tucking it into your underpants might seem effective, there is always the danger of the pants creeping up and becoming slightly visible. This classic way of tucking a shirt in is not the only way, however it is the easiest and most common, and done right it will keep you looking smart.
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