Cuff Styles in Men's Formal Shirt Fashion

Men's shirts come with a wide variety of cuff styles, and it can sometimes be a little confusing to know the differences between them all. So, what exactly is a double cuff shirt? A 'Double Cuff' is another name given to the 'French Cuff', which is a cuff style most people have heard of. The double cuff is twice as long as a regular cuff would be, and this enables it to be folded back on itself and closed with cufflinks. Some shirt makers will allow an extra hole in the cuff so that they can be adjusted in length to fit the individual better, although if you have your shirt made to measure for you then this issue of fit wouldn't be a problem.

A double cuffed shirt is a classy shirt style and one that evokes power and a well dressed aura. A quality shirtDouble Cuff with double cuffs, or french cuffs, is a good shirt style to wear at weddings, black tie events, and for some business meetings too. You should be able to see the shirt about a quarter of an inch to half an inch below the edge of the blazer sleeve. Because the double cuff is kept together with cuff links, this will allow the cufflink to be seen, or to be partially seen at least. Cufflinks can be chosen according to your taste and there are many to choose from depending on your dress sense and occasion, this is a way you can add some individuality to your attire.

Most 'off the shelf' shirts have a standard cuff, however if you have your shirt made to measure by an established shirtmaker then you can request a double cuff as part of the shirt design if that is what you so desire.

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