The Perfect Shirt for Business

Starting a new job and need to look the part? Want to update your work wardrobe, or just dress more professionally? The shirt is one of the most important items of clothing you will ever wear to work (apart from the obvious). It creates that first impression, and makes you feel confident, comfortable and in control. Here are a few principles of the perfect work shirt.

First and foremost - make sure that your shirt fits. This may seem like stating the obvious, but the amount of men who still walk around with extra fabric billowing from a tucked in shirt is quite plentiful . This will not disguise a bulging waistline, in fact a shirt that is properly fitted will do you more favours in the slimline department. The cuffs of the shirt should come to the wrist and poke out about a half inch from the suit jacket.

Not only should your shirt fit neatly around your body, the collar needs to correctly fit your neck. As a rule, one finger should fit in between the shirt and your neck, making it not too tight not loose. This will make the overall fit more comfortable too.

You will find that not only is there an assortment of shirt styles, but there is a wide variety of collar styles too. Don't get bogged down in trying out different collar types, just choose a classic one as you should be going for a modern yet timeless look in your work attire - nothing too fashionable or stuffy.

You can order and buy shirts in a variety of wonderful patterns, but for work, nothing says business more than a clean crisp white shirt. By all means however, if you are a confident dresser, it is perfectly acceptable attire to wear coloured shirts in the boardroom, and there are plenty available as sophisticated looking as the classic white. Just apply the principles of a well fitted shirt and you will look and feel sharp.

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