What is the Best Way to Launder a Cotton Shirt?

Cotton shirts are worn as an everyday practical item of clothing. This means, that in turn they should be cleaned in the most efficient and effective way, while prolonging their life. While some men, depending on their lifestyle, prefer dry cleaning for their cotton shirts, others want a way of cleaning them at home. So, what is the best way to launder a cotton shirt?

There is no need to hand wash a cotton shirt, save this time and effort for delicates such as silk, and in fact it isn't all that easy to get odours out of a cotton shirt by hand washing alone. Machine washing on a warm cycle is sufficient, with a regular washing powder or liquid, specifically for whites if preferred. Never use hot water for washing cotton shirts as this can shrink the fibres of 100% cotton, as well as cause quicker wear and tear to the garment. If you have to deal with any stains, they can be pre-treated before washing the shirt, but be sure to use something suitable for the fabric type.

fabricBuying well made, good quality cotton shirts should be seen as an investment, as treated properly they will certainly outlast their cheaper counterparts. Shirts are an item of clothing that make you feel smart, and keeping the fabric fresh looking is all part of this. By choosing the best way to launder a cotton shirt, and being mindful of the fabric, your high quality cotton shirts will last longer and stay looking good.

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