What is the Best Colour Shirt To Buy as a Gift?

It is a fact that everyone has their own sense of style and taste when it comes to dressing. Some people are so fussy about their wardrobe, it can make them near on impossible to buy a clothing gift for, especially when it comes to choosing colour. However, when it comes to buying a shirt as a gift there are various aspects you can consider in order to make the right choice. Here, we share some of our expert advice in helping you decided what is the best colour shirt to buy as a gift.

 The options you should consider at the start, is the lifestyle of the individual you are 
buying for. If they are male, and work in an office or attend Black Ties
white shirtor evening events, then a well made luxury shirt from us at WH Taylor Shirtmakers, in a classic white, would be an excellent choice. If you have seen what the person usually wears, and it happens to be certain shades, or even pinstripes, then all the better, you will have an excellent idea of what colour shirt to buy for them.

The individual might be a more casual shirt wearer, perhaps even under knitwear, in which case you should consider the style of shirts and clothing you have already seen them in, and go from there, deciding whether a certain colour or even a check might be appropriate.

When it comes to buying a handmade shirt as a gift, if in doubt, go with a classic and neutral colour. Our shirts speak for themselves, and buying a plain white shirt from us will only highlight the quality of our workmanship. However, if you know that the person you are buying for enjoys certain colours, then you don't have to play it safe and you can buy them something else that suits their taste.

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This can be difficult, you don’t want to spend the money only for it to be left in the wardrobe and eventually donated to charity. A subtle pinstripe can be a good idea, or a check, over a plain colour. Or if in doubt, white!

John J

You can’t go wrong with a good white shirt as a gift, a man can never have to many.


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