Slim fit or regular? Which one should you choose when it comes to buying a suit?

Slim fit or regular? Which one should you choose when it comes to buying a suit?

A suit should create a slim and sleek silhouette so buying the right fit is important, but how do you know which one you should be buying? When you want to look sharp and savvy in your next suit, make sure you read through our guide on everything you need to know.

What’s the difference between slim fit and regular fit?

Essentially, it’s the way the fabric is cut and how the jacket or trousers fit against your body. Slim fit is a more snug and tight feeling against the body and has proven popular over recent years thanks to the skinny jeans trend.

Whereas regular fit is a little looser and remains a popular choice for men and women, who prefer to feel relaxed and comfortable in their suit.

When a slim fit might be right for you

There are a few reasons why you might prefer to buy a slim fit suit.

When that form-fitting sleek look is what you’re looking for, the narrow shoulders of a slim fit jacket combined with the snug fit of the trousers will certainly achieve that. It’s a modern cut that really emphasises a lean figure, but that can mean it doesn’t work for everyone.

A regular fit suit can create a more flattering look

When comfort counts then a regular fit is probably more to your liking, especially if you’re carrying a few extra pounds. The looser fit is a lot more flattering than a tight slim fit ensuring no unsightly bulges can spoil that streamlined look.

Is there a definitive way of finding out which fit will suit me best?

Ultimately, it’s a case of understanding your body shape and which style will flatter you more, but as a general rule:

If you’re tall, the cut of a slim fit suit is only going to draw more attention to your height. A tailored regular fit is the better option, having the jacket the right length will ensure a clean-lined and seamless look.

If you’re short, you don’t want anything too loose fitting, so the slim cut is probably going to be a wiser choice here, but avoid if you’re on the muscular side. Opt for a close fit with sleeves ending at your wrist and trousers skimming your ankles.

If you’re a larger gentleman, you should also avoid anything too loose as this will often make you appear bigger than you are. A slim fit isn’t ideal if the fabric in your suit looks strained, but a tailored regular fit will be right in most cases, just make sure that your trousers don’t sit too high or low.

If you’re on the slim side, then the slim fit will suit you well. Just make sure you can move freely and that the shoulders are snug and smooth for that sleek and streamlined look.

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