How to wear a short-sleeved shirt well this summer

How to wear a short-sleeved shirt well this summer

A short-sleeved button-up shirt can strike terror into the hearts of men around the world, not knowing how to wear it with style and finesse. Rather than sticking with your tried and trusted long-sleeved favourite in the stifling summer heat, take on board our top tips for wearing a short-sleeved shirt well.

Focus on the Fit

You want a slim shirt that isn’t too tight but not so loose it’s like a billowing sail in the wind! That’s especially important for the arms – you need to be able to move them around without restriction, but the baggy and saggy look really isn’t good.

In terms of length, shirts with short sleeves are best worn untucked or casually tucked so you won't want it too short, or too long. The right length is around the midpoint between your waist and your crotch.

Opt for the simple look

Short sleeves might go hand in hand with those loud and brash prints, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them. A simple solid colour shirt that compliments the rest of your ensemble is the trick for playing it cool.

Go steady with the buttons

The short-sleeved shirt is a smart casual item so don’t button up to the collar. It’s uncomfortable, will trap the heat and looks rather silly. Leave the top two buttons undone so you can actually breathe and relax in comfort (just don’t go too low, no one needs to see that!)

Go for a tailored shirt

We’re not just saying that because we specialise in hand-tailored shirts, but because the fit and material matters. Soft light to medium weight fabrics are your friend here, so cotton poplin and linen are what you’re looking for, tailored to the right fit for you.

Layering is great for short-sleeved shirts

The good old British weather can be less than trustworthy, but the short-sleeved shirt is perfect for a layered look. To make it a little more formal, you can team it up with a blazer and tie or add a denim jacket for going outside on those cooler days.

A button-down collar is a great choice when you want a versatile shirt that will work well with a range of looks and styles.

Don’t neglect the rest of your outfit

Unless you’re just going out in your shirt (not advisable regardless of how hot it gets!), you need to pay attention to the rest of your outfit too. A streamlined look is your aim here so go for pieces that compliment that, rather than distract the eye. Smart, simple and clean cut are the key words here – shorts, chinos and a casual jacket all work well.

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  • May 12, 2018
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