A gentleman’s guide to organising his wardrobe

A gentleman’s guide to organising his wardrobe

If you ever dread opening those wardrobe doors knowing a jumbled mess of clothes is there to greet you, it’s a good time for a spring clean. When you spend your hard-earned cash on clothes you want to be taking top care of them, so here are our handy hints on how to keep your wardrobe organised like a gent.

Get rid of what you’re not wearing

It’s difficult to part with old clothes, but if you’re not wearing them anymore, then they’re just taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. Take anything you haven’t worn in the last year to a charity shop, especially those clothes you’re hanging on to in case you can fit into them again one day.

Decide how you’re going to organise your dress shirts and suits

You have a few options here but organise them you must. Suits and blazers tend to be best sorted into fabric type then colour, so you can easily find the right one according to the weather each day.

For shirts, colour sorting is the easiest option. You can then break things down further into short and long-sleeved, checks, stripes and patterns, and of course the miscellaneous section at the end.

Take those jumpers out of the wardrobe

Leaving jumpers on hangers can leave them misshapen, so it’s best to store them folded in your drawers instead (clearing up much-needed wardrobe space in the process). You can sort them by type, colour or warmth factor depending on how neat you like things. This is a great time to be using a de-bobbler to get those wool jumpers looking their best.

Do hang your jeans and trousers though

There’s nothing worse than a pair of wrinkled trousers, so hanging them up after ironing is a must. If you don’t have much wardrobe space prioritise the trousers and leave the jeans neatly folded in a drawer, or on a shelf.

Visibility is the key when sorting your shoes and accessories

You want to be able to see everything quickly and easily when deciding on your ensemble each day, so keeping your shoes and accessories organised and visible is the best way to do that. A shoe rack is by far the most useful way of keeping your shoes tidy and accessible.

For accessories, hooks in the wardrobe doors are handy for keeping ties tidy. Watch, and sunglass boxes are useful for keeping valuable items organised, and can be kept in your wardrobe or even under the bed if you’re short on space.

Don’t get too hung up on the hangers

But do keep them the same style – this means your eyes are drawn to your clothes rather than what they’re hanging on. Every time you remove a piece of clothing, move the empty hanger to the front of your wardrobe. This keeps things neat and tidy and makes it easier to put things away again too.

Have a hamper to keep on top of your laundry

Rather than re-using the same clothes over and over again because your laundry pile is out of control, get a hamper in your bedroom and pre-sort your dirty clothes ready for washing. A minute or so at the end of each day will keep your wardrobe fresh and working well when you need it to.

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