How to Wear and Care for a Linen Shirt

How to Wear and Care for a Linen Shirt

Has the heat got you reaching for a fan, wondering how to manage those pesky sweat patches and stay cool while still maintaining your sartorial splendour?

If so then a Linen shirt is the way to go! 

Here we look at the humble yet heroic Linen shirt - how to style it best, how to care for it and some interesting little snippets about the wonder fabric along the way!  

Firstly, lets hit you with a few facts about why Linen is such a great fabric.

Unbeknown to some the fabric is derived from the fibres of the flax plant. Prior to the 16th century when mass cultivation of the plant led to its increased accessibility, it had been reserved for the likes of royalty, high serving military and clergymen.

Widely known as the strongest natural fibre – it is far more durable than the more popular Cotton and Poplin fabrics used in Men’s shirting and comes with a whole host of natural benefits.

It’s highly breathable due to its low thread count, its temperature regulating, its long lasting, it’s environmentally friendly - recyclable and biodegradable making it a not only a good fashion choice but one that helps to save the planet too!

All this plus the fact it’s got a significantly higher production cost then cotton or synthetic materials means you might spend more on your initial investment but don’t worry – a good linen shirt could last you decades if you care for it properly – more on that shortly.  

Now how to dress it - the most important part to get right!  

Firstly, forget images of straw hats, espadrilles and poorly fitted linen suits – its 2021 and matching linen with various looks and tailored styles is most definitely in! One of the most important things to get right with wearing linen is colour and texture combos. You don’t want to overdo the linen look (see matching suit/shirt with straw hat cliché) and you don’t want to be a wish wash or mish mash of pale unflattering colours – it’s about balancing colour to make a central piece pop and layering textures to create a classy look!

For total summer vibes wear an untucked shirt (though not to long!) with a pair of above-knee tailored shorts, remember - dark coloured shorts with a light-coloured shirt or vice versa, pastels work particularly well with this look. Pair a darker coloured shirt with a light pair of chinos for a semi formal look – you can roll the sleeves and undo a button or two to achieve a more relaxed look but remember that loose and comfortable should not equate too baggy and ill-fitting.

For an even more formal but breezy look wear with a pair of tailored trousers - but here some rules apply! Never a socked foot! The sharpness of the tailored trouser calls for a more relaxed footwear styling to blend with the linen shirt, sleeves down here looks best too.

You can hand or machine wash your Linen shirts though there are a few tips to help ensure you get the most longevity out of your shirt 

  1. using a low spin setting will prevent the material getting twisted or stretched

  2. Wash darker colours in a lower temperature to prevent fading

  3. DO NOT use products that contain bleaching agents or harsh chemicals as they can weaken the fibres, you can wash lighter colours on a higher temp to help remove stains

  4. Lay out to dry in the sun or use a tumble drier on a low heat setting to avoid shrinkage while helping to settle some of the more stubborn wrinkles – though don’t forget the crinkling and wrinkling of linen is part of its natural beauty – embrace it!

At W H Taylor we have a great range of Linen shirts available, all come with a wide range of customisable options from collar to cuff style to much more, meaning each shirt is truly bespoke to you! 

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Linen shirt are very wanted in summers and why not. It’s a very cooling fabric which is breathable and moisture absorbing, giving supreme comfort in summer. But the important aspect is to buy genuine good quality linen and not the fakes available in market. One good fabric brand is Tessitura Parklane available at Vaibhav overseas

Vaibhav Overseas

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