Best men's shirts to wear for Autumn/Winter 2021

Best men's shirts to wear for Autumn/Winter 2021


The evenings are getting earlier - the mornings getting darker, and the temperature is on a decline as we head into the Autumn/Winter. Whether you spend the colder seasons wrapped up by the fire with a warming drink, out strolling in the country soaking up that crisp cool air or attending all the fancy events that pop up over the coming months what you will wear and how you wear it is likely on your mind.  

When it comes to dressing for the colder months (or for all seasons in fact!) there are three main elements to consider when selecting your outfit or shirt in particular.  

Colour, Design, Fabric.  

Firstly colour – it needs to be appropriate for the weather, it needs to suit your environment, it needs to blend with your outfit. You want to wear colours that suit you and that represent your personality too! That’s not to say that you must wear dull greys or blues in the winter and bright colours in the summer but there are some ground rules. You wouldn’t wear a short-sleeved linen shirt to the office in the winter for good reason, its season appropriate.  

So, let’s talk great colours and designs for Winter shirts.  

While bright colours aren’t typically what springs to mind for winter, when used in a check design they can add a great depth and layer of interest to your outfit and a much-needed boost of colour in an otherwise dreary time of year. Warm browns, reds, greens and orange shades work well in layered check designs, and look great paired with greens, browns and even greys and blues on top. you can ‘check’ out our range at W H Taylor Shirtmakers by searching ‘Country Check’. 

Now onto design.

Again, there are a few obvious no-goes for winter that we will quickly list for you novices. Loud bright florals - (when are they ever right?). short sleeves – obvious reasons. Pastels – they just don’t bode well in a winter ensemble. Grandad collars or tunic collars work well in the warm weather but they don’t layer well, are typically found in more neutral colours and really should just be left for summer attire. Aside from that exclusion collar and cuff style is totally down to individual preference and style. That’s why here at W H Taylor Shirtmakers we allow you to choose any collar and cuff style you prefer across our vast range of shirts.  

Last but not least fabric.  

When it comes to Winter shirt fabrics there are a few that pip the post. Depending on your need you will likely want to have a selection for different occasions. Here we’re going to talk about our two clear winners.  


While many of us are familiar with the infamous OCBD, I would hanker a guess that most would associate it with the style of the shirt rather than the weave of the cloth. Originally created for Polo players who needed their collars to not flap around in the wind, the shirt was born and has been worn over the decades since in a more utilitarian way rather than for formal wear. However, With the option at W H Taylor to create any shirt in any fabric with any collar, why not shake things up and have an oxford shirt made with a more formal collar and cuff style? The thick weave and durable finish results in a shirt that will last you a lifetime! 


Now the Twill weave is perhaps the most well used and versatile across our shirt collections. We use only 100% Cotton for our Twill shirts and the weave helps to create a really robust, dense shirt. Used to create lots of popular patterns from Herringbone to Houndstooth. Its great for the colder months. We love it for our Tattersall Checks as it provides great prominence to the colours used.   

We currently have a huge 30% discount on our Country collection which includes some of the designs we have discussed here, why not browse our website to find the perfect Winter Shirt for you! 



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