Are Your Shirt Sleeves Too Long?

Even if you don't buy your shirts made to measure, most people will take the time to measure themselves and get the right collar size and chest size. But, are your shirt sleeves too long? Shirt sleeve length matters, and can give the impression of a dreadful fitting shirt if ignored. Here are a few tips to help you decide if your shirt sleeves are too long, and what you can do about it if they are.


How do I know my shirt sleeves are too long?

It might sound obvious, but here we'll let you know how you can tell if your shirt sleeves are too long. If the cuffs, and/or sleeve, come down over your hands, then the arms of the shirt are too long. If the cuffs are coming too far out the bottom of your jacket sleeve, again, they are too long.


What does the perfect shirt sleeve length feel like?

In order to determine the perfect shirt sleeve length, you should stand with your arms relaxed at your side. With your arms straight, and the cuffs unbuttoned, you should see the cuff finish where the first knuckle on your thumb is. This is around a quarter or a third down the back of your hand. This length then allows for your cuffs to be buttoned at the wrist, and a little extra sleeve length to allow for bending and raising the arms.


How should the shirt cuff fit?

The shirt cuff should be comfortable and not tight, yet just tight enough to stop the sleeve sliding down over the hand. The way in which cuffs are measured, is from the centre of the button, to the button hole, and this should be just under 2 inches larger than the measurement of your wrist. If the cuff is sliding over your hand, or there feels as if there is too much fabric at the wrist, then the cuff needs to be tighter.


How much cuff should I show when wearing a jacket?

When wearing a dinner jacket, or a sports jacket or blazer, it is protocol to show some cuff. Having the correct sleeve length for your shirt, and your jacket, should lead to you getting this right. You may fin that you need your jacket sleeves altered however to allow for about a quarter of an inch of shirt sleeve to show.

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