Can a Woman Wear a Man's Shirt

It might not be obvious, but many women buy clothes from the men's departments in stores, including men's shirts. There are a number of reasons why a woman might want to wear a man's shirt, for example; having something a bit different that their friends aren't likely to be wearing, men's shirts have a more comfortable and roomier fit, and then there is the wide variety of shirts available for men. Shirts after all may be seen as predominantly for men, therefore shops and outfitters tend to sell a wide range of shirt styles, colours and patterns specifically designed for men.

Some women wear a man's shirt with their business attire such as with a smart suit or similar dress. Others are more creative with how they wear it, for example a man's white shirt with jeans can look very crisp and classic, and a check shirt with jeans over a camisole or T-shirt is a great casual look. A man's shirt can look just as feminine as one designed specifically for women, when worn on a female, with the added advantage of having more room. Many women's shirts can be a bit too fitted and restrictive.

Many women buy shirts off the peg from men's clothing departments, however some choose to get their shirts made to measure, especially as part of their work wear wardrobe. It then becomes much easier when re-ordering shirts in different fabrics and patterns, knowing that the fit will always be correct. So, the answer to - can a woman wear a man's shirt? is, of course she can!
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Ilike shirt mens white color for womens


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