The Perfect Wedding Shirt

When preparing for a wedding, many grooms have some idea of what sort of suit or outfit they plan on wearing - it may be top hat and tails, a modern sharp suit, or even a traditional kilt. One thing these wedding outfits all have in common is that they require a shirt, and this is something that the groom might be confused about - what shirt to choose for the wedding outfit.

Unless you are making a fashion statement with your wedding outfit, which is unlikely, then most probably your wedding shirt will be white, or a tone of white. If the bride is wearing an ivory dress then your shirt should be a similar tone as a bright white shirt will show the dress up to be a bit dull. When it comes to finding the perfect wedding shirt for the groom there are many design touches that may be preferred such as collar and cuff styles, depending on what type of suit is being worn. When it comes to your wedding shirt, it is a good idea to get it made to measure, as this will ensure the perfect fit which is vital, even when worn under a jacket as it will be seen in the photographs for years to come. You also want to make sure that it is the right length for you so that it is not billowing when tucked in, and not a bit too short that it may become untucked.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best wedding shirt, it should be made to measure, in a white or off white colour depending on the bride's dress. The fabric should be thick enough so that it is opaque and not see-through too.
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