Wear a Handmade Silk Tie

Wear a Handmade Silk Tie

A silk tie is a beautiful and luxurious item for any man to have in his wardrobe, and a tie that Fleur tieis handmade in Britain is something that is even more special. When you are required to wear a uniform suit everyday for work or business, the necktie might be the only way of putting your own creative slant on your outfit. By choosing a fancy tie, this is one way you can tailor your work clothing a little more to your own personal style. Even if the necktie has to be in a safe and work tolerated colour, by wearing a handmade tie in a sophisticated fabric such as silk, you can feel stylish and like you are putting your own stamp on the outfit.

Pink Blue Regi tieSimilarly, when you have to wear a shirt and tie every day for work, wearing a shirt and tie again as going out attire can seem a little samey. Not only is changing the shirt shade and design one way to change it up, but wearing a bespoke silk tie is another way for putting an elegant and powerful slant on an outfit.

W.H Taylor Shirtmaker not only sell plain colour handmade silk ties, handmade in England, but also patterned ties which can provide a stylish contrast to a plain shirt. Whether the tie design be stripes, spots or diamonds, there is something for all tastes and occasions in our selection. If you are looking for a new tie, or to give a tie as a gift, try one of our British handmade silk ties.
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