Limited Period Only - Dark Blue Printed Floral Bespoke Shirt

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The gorgeous enveloping floral design layered on rich navy blue Egyptian Cotton is a real stand out choice for a shirt that says something about its wearer. Wow the crowds, own your style and do it with a subtle flair that demands attention. 

Our guest fabrics have all been selected due to their robust construction, weaved with compact yarns for that extra special luxurious feel and added lustre, and sleek contemporary print designs that really stand out due to the superior dye absorption that  is achieved by the compacting process undertaken to produce them.

We will be making a very limited number on each fabric run, between 25-30 shirts only. So you can be close to certain that you will not see another wearing the same - unique fabric with design details and bespoke options chosen by you.

The process is just the same with all W H Taylor shirts, you select everything from collar and cuff style to body fit, button type and much more. We have our standard bespoke selections and then some optional extras incase that level of bespoke wasn't enough. You can choose Placket style, Hem style, Collar stiffness - the choices are endless. This results in each shirt you create with us at W H Taylor being a truly one off design created by you.

Weight: 105gms/

Yarn: 50's x 50's

Quality: Luxury Compact Printed

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