Collar & Cuff Styles on our Bespoke Shirts

There are different types of collar & cuffs available for men’s shirts. Whether you choose to buy something ‘off the peg’ or bespoke made for you, you can choose the type of collar you prefer.

Modern collars tend to be short and wider spread these days, but the beauty of getting a shirt tailor-made for you is that you can choose the collar that matches your style.

Here are the common types of cuffs you need to know.


Here are the common types of shirt collar you need to know.

Spread Collar 

 Spread Collar

A spread collar can be worn with a tie and is versatile enough to be worn for business, formal or casual occasions. The word #spread’ refers to the space between the collar points. Owing to the curve this is only available as a fused option.

Length of collar point 3”

Classic Collar (2 Button)


Classic Collar

This is an extremely common and traditional collar shape.

A tie works very well with the Classic Collar as it can accommodate a large knot.

Length of collar point 2.5”

Button-down Collars


Button Down

Self-explanatory – the collar buttons down attaching the points directly to the shirt.

As this collar is more casual in style, it can be worn with or without a tie. Available only as a fused option.

Length of collar point 3”

Button Under


Similar to the button down but the points are attached to the shirt from under the collar. Only available as a fused option.

Length of collar point 3”


Cutaway Collar


Similar to a Spread Collar, a Cutaway Collar has a space between the two points, but they point outward instead of down. The Cutaway Collar is an excellent choice to wear with a full or half Windsor tie knot, however it is equally suitable to be worn without a tie. Length of collar point 2.7"

Straight Collar

A collar with long pointy edges, usually worn with a tie as the extra-long collar points can look a little odd without one.

Length of collar point 3”

Tab Collar


This is a classic collar with two small tabs in the middle of the collar points. These connect beneath the necktie pushing the knot up and out.

Length of collar point 2.5”

Tunic/Collar Band


This is a collar with a small standing band, usually buttoned, in the style worn with detachable collars