How to Measure a W.H Taylor Shirt

Front shirt measurement
Shirt measurement back
  1. Collar
  2. Chest
  3. Waist*
  4. Hip
  5. Sleeve Length (See Below)
  6. Sleeve Width
  7. Cuff Width
  8. Yoke
  9. Centre of Back
*Important - Do not use your trouser size.
Sleeve length

To measure sleeve lengths for the perfect fit, take a tape measure from the centre of your neck, across the top of the shoulder and down the outside of your arm. Measure to the point you want your sleeve to end (normally about one centimetre past the wrist bone), but remember to keep your arm straight down by your side. If the measurement falls between two sizes, allow for the longer.

How do I measure my own collar size?

Place a tape measure around the middle of your neck, allowing enough room for the tips of two fingers to be inserted comfortably between the tape measure and the neck.