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Soft Brushed Cotton Shirts for Autumn

Soft Brushed Cotton Shirts for Autumn

As Autumn fast approaches, many of us relish the opportunity to get dressed in a cosy and warm attire. Feeling the soft fabrics from cotton and knitwear against our skin is one of life's simple pleasures when the air turns cool and the nights draw in. Warmer clothing need not sacrifice style however, as we can demonstrate with our bespoke shirt collection in thicker fabrics.

At W.H. Taylor Shirtmakers we have our own Country Collection of brushed cotton shirts in a variety of colour combinations of subtle checks. They look great worn open collar, or with a plain coloured tie. The shirts from our Country Collection can be worn casually with jeans or corduroy trousers, or dressed up with a flannel or tweed suit. Brushed cotton is where the surface of the fabric is brushed in order to raise the fibres, which results in a more bulkier and softer fabric. This is perfect for Autumn and Winter menswear, and gives just the right thick and cosy feeling that is needed.

While we do like the more thicker feel of the brushed cotton, do not be deterred by
thinking that this makes a bulky shirt. These are still made in a lightweight and breathable cotton, and can be comfortably worn under knitwear. They are just appropriate for the season as they are soft and warm to the touch. As with all of our hand finished made to measure shirts, you can choose which collar you want, for example; classic, cutaway, spread or straight. All this, with classic English shirt designs and expert stitching, perfect for the colder months.
  • Aug 31, 2016
  • Category: News
  • Comments: 3
Tom Perkins November 17, 2016

I wear your brushed cotton shirts all year round, but they are fabulously warm under a pullover in the colder weather. I have quite a number of them, and because I know the size fits me so well, I can order online with confidence, giving me all the more reason to purchase your great shirts.

Alison November 18, 2016

I bought a few of these brushed cotton shirts as Christmas gifts, and they are lovely! I find that they go down well with the older generation, however I have also bought one for my 30 year old nephew too. Great style.

Simon November 19, 2016

I am another fan of these brushed cotton shirts, I love almost all the designs and they feel great against the skin.

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