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Pack of Three Plain White Cotton Poplin Men's Bespoke Shirt

Pack of Three Plain White Cotton Poplin Men's Bespoke Shirt

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The classic white shirt - a brilliant all-rounder. Crisp and sharp, just like it should be, made from the popular two-fold 100% cotton poplin. Poplin is an excellent medium-weight English fabric made using a standard weave (2 100s), which gives durability to the shirt with a smooth finish.

An essential to any business person's wardrobe and wearable with a multitude of outfit styles, why would you not purchase this classic in a three-pack?

Customisable to your exact liking using our wide range of options, from sleeve length to collar and cuffs, you can't go wrong. 

  • Weight: 105gms/
  • Yarn: 2/100's x 2/100's
  • Quality: Blue, Yarn Dyed Poplin 


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Please remember that we aren’t a mass manufacturer of shirts. While this brings you many benefits, including the widest variety of luxury and bespoke shirts, we can’t dispatch things overnight.

We strive to have our bespoke shirts made within 3-5 weeks of order placement, depending on demand, which can vary.