Superfine Shirts Collection

Whilst our standard shirts are made from English sourced 2-fold 100% cotton poplin with 100’s (standard) these have a superior 140's (Superfine) thread count for defined luxury shirts constructed to the highest standards and contain many special features. These features include fabric designs that are matched exactly at all points to provide flowing seamless lines. The two piece (non-fused) collar is cut so it allows the joining edge between the band and the top elliptical to provide a ‘spring’ when sewn together, which gives the collar a natural tendency to turn and stay down.

Collar styles to choose from;

Classic Collar


Cutaway Collar


Button Down


Under Button


Spread Collar


Straight Collar


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Bespoke 160'S Ultimate Superfine Plain Sky Blue Poplin Shirt
From £ 162.00 - £ 180.00
From £ 135.00 - £ 150.00 excl. VAT
Bespoke Plain Pink 140'S Superfine Shirt
£ 125.60
£ 104.67 excl. VAT
Bespoke Plain Pink 160's Superfine Shirt
£ 180.00
£ 150.00 excl. VAT
140'S Superfine Plain Sky Blue Poplin Shirt
From £ 113.04 - £ 125.60
From £ 94.20 - £ 104.67 excl. VAT